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Welcome to the rst volume of Modular Mind! Through hout the years 80/20 has grown from an eight page black and d white catalog consisting of 34 pieces to a current offering o of ove er 8,000 parts and growing. This expansion is the result of a lot of hard work, listening and acting upon customer suggestions and feedback, an nd throu ugh h dedication to learning and improving. By publishing this i magazine we hope to impart upon you some of the knowle ed dge we've gained along the way, including tips and tricks fo or you and your next build, as well as general industry knowledge. owled dge ge. Hopefully this will help you with your designs and projects or will spark a new idea. If you have any questions regarding the magazine or would like to be a contributor in future editions, please contact 80/20 at marketing@8020inc.com. If you would like assistance purchasing 80/20 products, information regarding the product or would like to begin a relationship with an 80/20 distributor please contact us at info@8020inc.com. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Think with a Modular Min


80/20 Inc. is the originator and manufacturer of The Industrial Erector Set ," a modular T-slot aluminum building system for every industry or application. From light to heavy-duty, 80/20 is a perfect solution for machine frames, guarding, enclosures, displays, workstations and the DIY home hobbyist. With a catalog of over 8,000 products to choose from, free design assistance and 80/20 Builds assembly support, 80/20 Inc. will ensure your project is completed to the highest standards.


80/20 Inc. CEO/Owner

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