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ith any ergonomic tool or workstation, the best alternative will allow for personalization, exibility and change. While prefabricated products may have lower initial up-front costs, very rarely will you nd everything you need customized to your specications. Another inherent problem with premade workstations is that you may not know what you will need to add, change or retrot in the future and there are little options available to make these updates if you buy an off-the-rack option. Do you need to move the workstation frequently? Adjust the height, length, and width? Add a computer or other electronics while maintaining mobility? Will you need any of these options in the future? The natural modularity of T-slot products make it a perfect t for customization and personalization and allows for adjustments and changes to the overall design of the workspace for future applications.


t's amazing how far ergonomic innovations have come in the workplace. Consider as recently as a few years ago when desks, workspaces and tools were static entities and employees were tasked with adjusting themselves to conform to the size of the work area. In today's world, both for safety and productivity, companies are proactively looking for better and more efcient processes and a solution has been found in ergonomics.

Applying ergonomics helps prevent injuries from overreaching and improper posture. This leads to decreased risk of work- related injuries while productivity increases due to easier movement and less strenuous tasks. T-slot aluminum can help make sure the equipment and workspaces meet the optimal size for all employees. On desks and workstations combine locking levers with hinges; this will allow height adjustability to accommodate multiple users.

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