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N ot all guarding and enclosures are used for heavy machinery or plant equipment. Guarding can be used to protect and display property such as in a tradeshow booth or to exhibit and showcase products. Use an acrylic panel to obtain the dual benets of optical clarity and safe-guarding the product. The material is lighter than glass and easy to cut and drill while also maintaining resistance to the elements. W ire mesh panels offer a strong, impact resistant, non-corrosive and easy to clean option for perimeter guarding, inventory management and machine guarding for applications that do not require keeping uids or particles enclosed. The mesh acts as a barricade while allowing for visibility and air ow. You can use colored mesh to denote hazards or caution. 7 For an upgrade, try a polycarbonate panel which is a bit more durable than acrylic and has an abrasion-resistant coating. TIP

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