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See the before and after of T-slot aluminum guarding. This machine was originally enclosed using a prefabricated option. An initial review of the machine guard shows serious deciencies. The operator also incorporated several custom solutions.


The original guarding enclosure was not stable enough or durable for long-term use. It was a generic enclosure and not customized for the equipment or its location. There were access points where they were not needed and the doors themselves did not latch. The wing span of the doors, especially when both were opened, took up too much area. The doors and panels quickly built up a lm of dirt and dust and did not clean well. Tools and hoses had to be rigged to work around the guarding instead of allowing for mounting to it.


The upgraded enclosure uses clear plastic panels which can include a non-corrosive, abrasion and scratch-resistant coating. It offers both high impact resistance & good visual transparency while lending itself to easy cleaning and maintenance. The enclosure uses fasteners, brackets and plates along with a T-slot aluminum prole to offer much more strength and stability while also being aesthetically appealing. The custom guarding is personalized to include tool hangers strategically located for ease of use and safety.

Avoid the Limitations of Prefabrication with the Modularity of T-Slot Aluminum

OSHA Quick Tip:


Keep in mind that and

running presses and machines will need to have guards.


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