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An added benet of proles and panels; they come in handy when you need to afx a cautionary or warning sign directly to the guard. Use a colored prole or panel to denote warning or hazard.


This custom access door houses several unique and personalized features. For this machine a stop sensor was needed as an added safety precaution. The bi-fold door allows mounting of the sensor with minimal accessories so that when the door is open the sensor connection is broken and the machine is powered-down. The offset handles are made with one solid side to prevent nger pinching. All of the xtures are made of corrosion-resistant, easy to clean materials.


In order to maintain the integrity of the frame 80/20 Mighty Mounts were attached. The foot insulates vibration and shock through the non-skid elastomer pad to ensure stability of the guard. It comes standard in yellow to denote caution. If you have an uneven surface, pair the Mighty Mounts with leveling plates.


Plastic panels are multi-functional. They create secure enclosures and prevent access to machinery while containing moving parts and uids. In addition, they act as noise barriers. Noise control is often forgotten or overlooked but employers need to be aware of the hazards of exposure to high levels of noise, especially in a plant or factory setting. Keep in mind that occupational hearing loss is the most common work-related injury.


In applications where you need to keep people away from equipment but visibility or air ow are concerns, use 80/20 mesh paneling. It is resistant to corrosion, lightweight yet strong, and a lower-cost option without compromising functionality. Customize it with an eco-friendly thermoplastic coating which is easy to clean and won't ake or chip. For an upgrade, consider an expanded metal panel which is a bit stronger than standard mesh.



See 80/20 guarding and more at 8020.net

If you want a clean, sleek look, try a solid black panel.


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