Modular Mind Magazine Page 22 T-Slot Fastening Methods

ANCHOR FASTENER END FASTENER INSIDE CORNER CONNECTOR FASTENER T-SLOT PROFILE SPOTLIGHT: INTERNAL CONNECTIONS Internal fasteners offer several design and application bene ts. Machining of the T-slot proles allow these fasteners to be hidden from view. Another plus, they don't affect the area of the design. Internal fasteners require less hardware compared to other fastening methods and are easy to assemble. Anchor Fastener End Fastener 90 Inside Corner Connector These are perfect for making 90 connections in the center of a bar and are also easily adjustable. One of the strongest connection One of the stronfest connection methods offered. Fits ush with prole exterior Fits ush with prole exterior Utilizes a counterbore Utilizes a counterbore Comprised of a button head socket cap screw and wing clip, they provide a clean, hidden method of connecting T-slot proles. Prevents prole rotation Prevents prole rotation Easy to assemble Easy to assemble Utilizes an access hole and end tap Utilizes an access hole and end tap This fastening method provides a strong, 90 corner connection and requires no machining. Cost effective die cast Cost effective die cast Hidden connection Pre-loaded mounting hardware Pre-loaded mountinf hardware included in connector 22

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