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The shape of the T-slot creates modularity by allowing for an innite number of mounting points along the prole, eliminating the limitations of incremental positioning and opening up opportunities and options in designs and projects.

Everything Slides Into Place

Align-a-Groove Rounded Edge The Stan ndard Closed Pro le Smooth Surface le Lite Pro Ultra-Lite Prole U

Indents on the outer prole walls provide easy alignment. Proles can be rounded off for several reasons including safety, weight, or an aesthetic look. Heavy dut ty, this prole is ideal in th he industrial world of machine framing where supportin ng large amounts of weight is needed. Unused T-slot openings can be closed off to avoid debris and dust buildup. Proles with a smooth surface provide easy clean up and a sleek look. pplication weight Reduces ap taining strength while maint ring weight is lower. when bear Cost-saving prole with lighter application weight. Industry favorite for reducing cost while maintaining application strength.


he aluminum T-slot prole has emerged as a viable alternative to steel and other tubular framing materials. The popularity of T-slotted framing is due, in large part, to its modularity which is unavailable through steel and other materials. Aluminum T-slot proles are lightweight while maintaining strength and durability. Another advantage; choices abound with T-slot proles. Choose from properties such as straight or rounded edges, smooth or grooved nishes, and ultra-light, light, or standard weight.





T-slot modularity can also be applied to captivated proles as well. This means you no longer have to tear apart or rebuild frames for retrots or changes. Instead, with the use of specialized T-nuts, you can add mounts and hardware to closed frames and easily make necessary updates by rolling or dropping in hardware.

Dropping In


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