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id you know that frequently over 24 percent of OSHA's most commonly cited standards for the manufacturing industry dealt with machine guarding? In 2012 over 738 fatal events were due to contact with machine objects and equipment that could have been prevented by proper guarding. This same year there were 40,648 federal inspections and 52,056 state inspections administered by OSHA. Penalties for more severe citations can reach upwards of $127,000 per occurrence but even incidences considered non-severe carry a ne of $12,700 and up. For machine fuarding violations alone, there were over $4 million worth of nes assessed to private- sector businesses within the year.

Unsafe Workplaces Result in over 90,000 State & Federal Inspections Annually Serious Violations can also Result in Legal Claims Average OSHA Citation Cost $1,755 not Including Corrective Action Cost Personnel Injury may Equal Higher Insurance Premiums Injuries & Citations Result in a Loss of Production Machine Shutdowns Restrict Normal Order Fulfillment Proper Guarding Helps Ensure OSHA Compliance Workers are Protected from Injury & Down Time Equipment can Maintain Normal Operations Possible Disability Claims & Compensation Expenses

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OSHA standards emphasize that machine guards are the preferable control method for reducing workplace hazards because they are physical barriers that enclose dangerous machine parts and also prevent employee contact with them. SOURCES USED: www.osha.gov and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The rst step in choosing proper guarding equipment: PLAN! Not all guarding equipment is the same; what is the purpose, location and required lifespan of the guard? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself. Longevity of materials should be a top priority when considering guarding equipment, along with modularity and exibility to account for maintenance and redesign or expansion. The standard 80/20 aluminum T-slot framing offers durability and strength comparable to steel but without the corrosive properties and heavy assembly and maintenance costs associated with non-aluminum products. A little bit of planning and using the right material from the beginning will save you considerable time, money, inefciencies and frustration down the road.

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