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I could build exactly what I wanted with no compromise


heck out this sturdy yet portable racing simulator Stephen made with 80/20 stuff! Stephen looked to 80/20 because I could build exactly what I wanted with no compromise; all the retail options he found involved having to give up either strength or mobility. He used a combination of 10 and 15 series proles to keep the simulator light but solid without over-kill and notes that structure-wise I realized I didn't need to go with the 15 series everywhere to get the rigidity I wanted.


tephen wanted to get a feel for the product before and during his build so he visited a distributor and interacted with the proles, parts, accessories and tools on the demo gurney. Stephen noted that I couldn't have done what I did without having the hands-on. It is a great way to help in the design and decision-making process before investing resources. He also valued the fact that the distribu tor had stock proles and parts, saving him money in shipping costs.


he versatility of 80/20 allowed Stephen to build a design with all of his speci c requirements; look at the inverted pedals and custom steering wheel! Stephen also found the exibility and modularity enabled by fastening plates to be crucial to his design; he wanted to be abl e to recongure and adjust his simulator to obtain optimum positioning a nd allow for new parts or accessories. With 80/20 Stephen says I can have my cake and eat it too.

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