Modular Mind Magazine Page 13 Workplace Ergonomics

SIT DOWN S tand up! Research compared people utilizing stand-up desks to those at traditional sit-down desks. The results concluded that after an hour or more of continual sitting the production of fat-burning enzymes declines by as much as 90 percent. Sitting for extended periods also slows the body's metabolism of glucose and lowers levels of good cholesterol in the blood. Consider the following benets of standing more while working: Movement burns more calories Increased blood ow lowers mental fatigue and increases productivity Fewer posture-related back problems More muscle use, decreasing neck strain Thinking is easier and more creative while standing U se an ultra-lite T-slot prole to create a customized, recongurable desk perfect for standing while working. This material allows you to custom t the desk height and can be made adjustable for a stand-up/sit- down combination. It is easily recongured for changes in ofce space or personnel. The T-slot frame lends itself to custom table- tops, keyboard slides, computer stands, shelving and many other accessories to round-out your ergonomic stand-up desk. BENEFIT FROM A RAISED DESK YOUR CHOICE OF DESKS STAND UP Integrate wood and other panel materials into T-slot proles. Customize shape and size based on preference. 13

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