Modular Mind Magazine Page 11 Workplace Ergonomics

11 See customizable accessories; visit P ressure manifold plates can be used with a T-slotted frame to allow the addition of pressurized tools within easy reach. These manifolds work well in several industries including pneumatics, assembly, food processing, medical and pharmaceutical. S wing out drawers and Storage bins help organize and save workspace while still allowing for easy access. C onsider either a swing arm or drop down hanger for quick access to tools and overhead lighting; either can be mounted directly to the workstation. C ustomized workspaces using T-slot frames also have the added bene t of saving space. Use the mounting capabilities T-slots offer to move computers, accessories, compartments and tools off of the work area but within line of sight and easy reach. This enables the work area to take up less overall space while allowing more tabletop to complete work tasks. It also lends itself to creating customized cabinets and shelving for organization and storage. CREATE MORE WORKING AREA WITH EFFICIENCY SPACE SAVINGS

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