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Storage bins are perfect for a mobile workstation. They keep product within reach of the user while also providing color-coding for parts pulling and re-stocking tasks. They give you the freedom to personalize a storage system and conveniently mount to a T-slot prole. For easy mobility use a combination of rigid and swivel oil-resistant casters with a brake kit; if it will remain stationary try leveling feet for stabilization. A handy feature for workstations is a retractable keyboard. For a T-slot frame use a linear bearing to accomplish this; the T-slot will serve as a rail for the bearing. Try pivot joints to enable exibility of the computer monitor for different eye levels and desired viewing angles. Also secures monitor to station, adding working space in the process.

The little things can make a big difference: plan for accessories such as tool hangers, hooks, document holders and wire ties. These features become indispensable for organizing computer stations, scanners, tools and cables. Extrusion Tip: Tube Solution ERGONOMIC SPOTLIGHT:




ustomized workstations are perfect for many industries including medical, warehousing, retail, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. Custom workstations promote personal safety, loss prevention and productivity.

1 10 1 10 Tip: Use a Ready Tube series prole on your frame as a tool-holder.

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