Catalog 21 Page 822 Structural Shapes

80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 822 Structural Shapes STRUCTURAL SHAPES Steel Tube Part Description: The steel tube comes in a stock length of 145 (3683mm) and can be cut to your desired length. It is ground, polished, and unnished, meaning it does not have any plating or oxide. Steel tube is commonly used with stanchions to create custom axes. See page 847 for the cut-to-length machining service. A B Part No. (Stock Length) Series Material Grade Finish Process Color A B Weight 5005 (145) Carbon Steel 1020 Non-Plated Drawn, Ground, and Polished Unnished 1.000 .125 .102 lb / in. 5015 (145) 1.500 .125 .131 lb / in. 5025 (145) 2.000 .125 .273 lb / in. Fractional

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