Catalog 21 Page 813 Structural Shapes

For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit / 813 Structural Shapes STRUCTURAL SHAPES Pictorial Table Of Contents Page 815 Page 823 Page 831 Page 838 Page 817 Page 824 Page 832 Page 839 Page 818 Page 826 Page 833 Page 840 Page 819 Page 827 Page 834 Page 841 Page 842 Page 820 Page 828 Page 835 Page 821 Page 829 Page 836 Page 822 Page 830 Page 837 Square/Rectangular Tube Prole Inside Corner Connector Prole Aluminum Tube Prole Deadbolt Latch Prole Panel Mount Block Prole Double Retainer Prole 45 Degree Gusset Prole Standard Nub Prole Clamp Block Prole Storage Bin Hanger Prole Panel Stiffener Prole Right Angle Nub Prole Single Flange Bearing Prole Double Flange Bearing Prole Roll-in Panel Mount Bracket Prole Single Retainer Prole Single Flange UniBearing Prole Double Flange UniBearing Prole Block Prole Angle Prole Stanchion Prole Hinge Prole Steel Tube Flat Stock Prole Steel Solid Round Tube Insert Prole

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