Catalog 21 Page 777 Add-On Components

80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 777 Add-On Components STANCHIONS Part Description: The quick stanchion cross clamp is commonly used with the aluminum tube prole (page 821) to create two custom axes that are perpendicular to each other. It includes two black nylon racheting handles (page 778) that enable easy positioning and repositioning. The stanchion cross clamp is aluminum, making it a strong and durable option. Part No. Series Color Material Grade Finish Process A B C D E F G H J Weight 5340 Clear Aluminum 6105-T5 Anodize Milled 1.500" .750" 3.375" .250" .125" 1.000" 1.500" 1.004" 1/4-20 .577 lb 5340-Black Black 1.500" .750" 3.375" .250" .125" 1.000" 1.500" 1.004" 1/4-20 .577 lb H G J B D E F A C Quick Stanchion Cross Clamp Fractional

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