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/ For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 747 Add-On Components ADD-ON COMPONENTS Introduction to Pressure Manifolds Manifolds are used to add a pressurized substance, such as liquids or air, into the center cavity of a T-slot prole. You ll commonly nd this in material handling processes, such as work and assembly stations, because the pressurized prole allows you to incorporate pneumatic tools directly into the work area. There are a range of access, feed, and stopper plates available to t your structure. As an example, a manifold conguration could include an access plate attached to the supply line and feed plate mounted where the pressurized substance is released. The stopper plate secures to the prole end to form a tight seal. 80/20 manifold plates include all necessary hardware and O-rings or gaskets that you'll need to mount to the T-slot prole. 80/20 carries a wide range of structural shapes that allow you to design a customized manifold. Access Plate Feeder Plate Stopper Plate Gasket O-Ring DID YOU KNOW?

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