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/ For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 707 Add-On Components ADD-ON COMPONENTS Dynamic Pivot Components Dynamic pivot assemblies include a pivot nub and connect to the prole using either L arms, straight arms, or brackets. These arms have permanently lubricated bronze bushings that act as a high-strength pivot point and reduce maintenance time and cost. Repositioning Your Pivot If you will be repositioning your dynamic pivot frequently, consider adding a handle to help simplify and speed up the process. Dynamic pivots are long-lasting and there are a variety of assembly combinations available that allow you to fold or rotate the proles to t your specic needs. 0 90 180 Axial Motion: 0 to 180 Dynamic pivots are typically used to create axial motion ranging from 0-180 degrees. There are also assemblies available to limit the range of motion from 0-90 degrees. You ll commonly nd dynamic pivots in tooling arms, displays and computer stands. Dynamic Movement All dynamic arms and brackets come with permanently lubricated bronze bushings for long-lasting and repeated movement.

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