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For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit / 656 Add-On Components ADD-ON COMPONENTS Linear Bearing Concept Linear bearings enable you to add repeated motion and movement to your project. As an example, linear bearings are commonly found in material transportation applications such as picking tools. Standard Pad Perfect for solutions such as drawer glides, table saw fences, ergonomic workstations or adjustable stands. All pads are available in white and black styles. High-Cycle Pad These bearings have a special threaded insert designed for sudden acceleration and deceleration without deteriorating. This durable pad lends itself to actuators and parts-transfer equipment. Linear Bearing Shims Linear bearing shim stock is used to create a precise t. Each shim is .005 inches (.127mm) thick and has a slotted design that enables easy installation without having to dismantle the bearing; simply loosen the bearing pad and slide the shim(s) between the pad and housing while the bearing is still in place. Shims are sold in packs of 10 and are compatible with all 80/20 bearings. Housing Pad T-slot Guide Rail Mounting Holes in Flange The core concept is that proles act as guiderails and pads are inserted into the T-slot to enable movement. Pads are available in two options: standard or high-cycle. Insert Shims Here

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