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For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit / 63 T-Slotted Aluminum Proles PROFILES The Shapes of Ready Tube The properties of Ready Tube make it perfect for evolving and changing applications. It works well in builds such as workstations, tables, carts, ow racks, and material handling shelving and racks. When using Ready Tube in your build you have 3 main prole options; square, P-tube, and A-tube. Advantages of Ready Tube Ready Tube, similar to the standard 80/20 T-slotted prole, is made of an aluminum alloy which offers several advantages: Strong Lightweight High strength-to-weight ratio Resilient Corrosion-resistant Keep in mind that Ready Tube proles come standard with a clear anodize nish which prevents oxidation and corrosion while providing a matte nish. Square Ready Tube proles are easy to clean and aesthetically appealing, while P-tube proles have anges that work well for holding panels. A-tubes are available with or without notches and are perfect for applications such as gravity racks or material handling shelves. Smooth Notched Need to Know Ready Tube is available with or without pre-manufactured holes and is a great solution for material handling applications.

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