Catalog 21 Page 624 Floor to Frame

80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 624 Floor to Frame FLOOR TO FRAME Part Description: The aluminum oor bracket is a strong, die-cast option that attaches directly to a 45-series prole with the suggested hardware (see chart). The slot tab enables easy alignment. This bracket is commonly used with wedge anchors (page 620) to mount directly to a concrete oor. Aluminum Floor Bracket Part No. Series A B C D E F G H Weight 12028 175.00 mm 10.00 mm 25.00 mm 45.00 mm 65 30.00 mm 43.00 mm 10.00 mm .2600 kg Material Process Finish Die Cast Zinc Die-Casting Natural Material Specications Suggested Hardware (Mount to T-Slot) Part No. Series Qty. Bolt T-Nut 75-3630 2 M8 x 20 mm SHCS Drop-In G H C B A D F (RADIUS) E Bolt Prole Leveling Foot Aluminum Floor Bracket T-Nut 45 Series Metric

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