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46 WHAT IS 80/20? Ordering Information For the most up to date information on 80/20 Ordering Information visit Shipping Schedule You need communication, commitment and timely delivery of your orders. Superior quality, customer service, and fast shipping are the foundation of our business so we will always strive to ship your orders in less than our published timeframes. Assuming that your order is ready for processing (including all drawings and worksheets) the shipping schedule chart outlines when you can expect your order to be shipped. Order Type 1 Day 2 Days Scheduled Parts only Cut to length T-slotted proles (with or without parts) Stock length/size on bars & panels (with or without parts) Cut to length mill-nish structural shapes A Parts, panels, and T-slotted proles with standard machining in addition to cuts (our standard kit orders) B 80/20 Builds orders Custom Machining orders Orders requiring custom packaging Anodized (except black and clear) or outsourced parts Non-Preferred Carriers (2 days will be added to the normal shipping schedule) C Non-Stock or Full Black (-FB) Anodize Orders* Lead Time Days Parts only Cut to length proles less than or equal to 60 Mill-nish shapes less than or equal to 60 7 Proles less than or equal to 60 with machining Aluminum panels with or without machining 24 x 60 or less 8 Cut to length proles greater than 60 Mill-nish shapes greater than 60 16 Proles with machining greater than 60 Aluminum panels with or without machining greater than 24 x 60 17 * Visit for the most up-to-date black anodize lead times.

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