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37 WHAT IS 80/20? 80/20 Services For the most up to date information on 80/20 Services visit You have three service options to choose from with 80/20 Builds: preloading, subassembly, or full assembly. ADVANTAGE OF THE 80/20 EXPERIENCE THREE SERVICE OPTIONS The 80/20 Builds service was created to help you increase your productivity. We have a team comprised of dedicated and experienced technicians that optimize designs, build projects and ship them safely and damage-free. Our tools and resources ensure precise assembly to your exact specications. We prep your fasteners and plates with the required hardware for quick installation. We build your project into segments that can be easily and quickly assembled later. Your project is completely built, shipped, and ready to use when it arrives at your door. PRELOADING SUB-ASSEMBLY FULL-ASSEMBLY See how 80/20 Builds Service can help save you time in this video of an 80/20 Builder in action.

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