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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 365 Fastening Methods FASTENERS Triple Slide-In Economy T-Nut / Economy T-Nut Holding Spring Part Description: The triple slide-in economy T-nut is a fastening option that saves time and simplies the assembly process. It is especially useful for multiple-hole joining plates. This fastener loads from the prole ends and is available with options in size and nish. The pilot thread projection adds additional threading for increased strength. For information on 80/20 screw and bolt offerings for the triple slide-in economy T-nut refer to pages beginning on 385. Tip: Position the pilot projection down in the T-slot to avoid an uneven connection or crashing. Part No. Series Material Grade Finish A B C D (Thread) E F Weight 3287 Steel 1010 Black Zinc 2.450" 1.000" .443" 1/4-20 .050" .144" .025 lb 3900 Bright Zinc 2.450" 1.000" .443" M6 x 1.0 .050" .144" .034 lb 3285 Black Zinc 3.562" 1.500" .638" 5/16-18 .080" .222" .077 lb 3805 Bright Zinc 3.562" 1.500" .638" M8 x 1.25 .080" .222" .080 lb B TYP D TYP A C F E Economy T-Nut Holding Spring The economy T-nut holding spring, available in 15 and 40 series, snaps onto the pilot projection of the 15 and 40 series Style 1 economy T-nut (page 362), double economy slide-in T-nut (page 364), and triple economy slide in T-nut (page 365). The spring holds the fastener in place, even when the prole is in a vertical position. Additional Information: Please note that springs are sold in packs of 100. Part No. Series Material Grade A B C Weight 3010 Steel 1215 .240" .313" .022" .022 lb A B C 40 Series 10 Series 15 Series Metric Fractional

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