Catalog 21 Page 318 Fastening Methods

80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 318 Fastening Methods FASTENERS Part Description: The 3 way - rounded corner bracket is a die-cast external fastening method that is typically used to create an outside corner connection between three proles. It offers stability and can also be reused and repositioned. The simplicity of this bracket makes it easy to connect multiple proles. The 3 way - rounded corner bracket requires an end tap machining service (see page 848) on each of the connecting proles. For rounded corner bracket cover caps (see page 787). A E B C TYP R. F D G J TYP H TYP K TYP 3 Way - Rounded Corner Bracket Part No. Series Qty. Bolt 11-8716 3 M8 x 16 mm Black Zinc FHSCS Bolt End tap in prole 3 Way - Rounded Corner Bracket Part No. Series Material Finish A B C D E F G H J K Weight 14112 Zinc Natural 28.00 mm 28.00 mm 5.00 mm 9.00 mm 15.00 mm 23.00 mm 15.00 mm 2.20 mm 11.00 mm 8.00 mm .0367 kg Required Machining Services Machining Type Machined Reference Page Tap Prole End Mounting Proles 848 Suggested Hardware (Mount to Prole End) 30 Series Metric Machining

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