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For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit / 207 Fastening Methods FASTENERS T-Nut Types 80/20 offers a wide variety of hardware with options in size, material, shape, thread alignment, and installation method. Three popular types of T-nuts are slide-in, drop-in, and roll-in. Drop-in T-nuts load from anywhere on the prole, making them perfect in instances where the ends of the proles are captivated and you want to add to your application without dismantling the frame. Drop-In T-Nut Slide-In T-Nut Slide-in T-nuts load from the end of the prole and are available in several congurations including a centered or offset thread, and material and nish options. Roll-In T-Nut Roll-in T-nuts load from their side and spin into place, which allows for innite positioning along the T-slot. They can be used even when proles are captivated. Roll-in T-nuts come in several variations, including self- aligning options as well as features to hold the T-nut in place for easy positioning.

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