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For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit / 205 Fastening Methods FASTENERS Fastening Method Types As a way to simplify your decision-making process, it s easiest to categorize fasteners into two main froups; internal fasteners and external fasteners. Most of the fastening connections offered by 80/20 fall into one of these two groups and each group has unique attributes and properties. Internal connections create strong bonds between proles because in most cases the fastener is machined into the prole. They are easy to assemble, require few parts and are simple to work into your design. External connections mount to the outside of the T-slot, strengthen connection points, and are easy to implement into the application. Most external connections are recongurable and can be mounted anywhere along the T-slot. Fastener recessed in T-slot Fewer parts Easy to assemble Easy to incorporate Hardware typically included Hidden connections available Options for innite positioning Typically will not affect design area Mount to T-slot Usually no machining required Options for innite positioning Easy to implement Recongurable connections Ability for variable angles Strengthen connection points Assemble with simple hardware Options for connecting more than two proles Internal External INTERNAL BENEFITS EXTERNAL BENEFITS Visit Online for More For more information on 80/20 fasteners visit to view the Fastener Application Test.

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