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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 864 Machining Services MACHINING SERVICES Central Connector Prole Milling Part Description: The central connector prole milling service consists of both a drill through the prole end and a T-slot counterbore. This machining service enables the use of a central connector (page 223 for information on central connectors). Additional Information: When ordering this milling service, designate prole end (left, right or both) and T-slot for the counterbore. A C D Counterbore B x E Deep Central Connector Machining Designations Part No. Series Service Type A B C D E 7058 15 Series Prole Milling for Central Connector 1.260 .597 .453 1.750 1.025 40-7058 40 Series Prole Milling for Central Connector 32.00 mm 15.16 mm 11.51 mm 44.45 mm 26.97 mm 45-7058 45 Series Prole Milling for Central Connector 22.50 mm 17.12 mm 32.64 mm Metric 40 Series 45 Series Fractional 15 Series

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