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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 858 Machining Services MACHINING SERVICES Clearance Drill Thru in T-Slot Part Description: The clearance drill thru in T-slot is typically used for additional clearance while adding stem casters or leveling feet to a prole. It is a drill through the prole T-slot, as designated in the charts below. Additional Information: When ordering this service, designate T-slot position from left end of prole. R S U V U V U V V V Y Y Y Z Z Z V Y Z U V R U V R S R S R S R S R T W X W X T Clearance Drill Thru in T-Slot Designations Ready Tube Part No. Series Service Type Hole Diameter 7244 Drill Thru Hole in T-Slot .257" 7246 .328" 7248 .438" 7240 .563" 65-7244 6.53 mm 65-7246 8.33 mm 65-7248 11.13 mm 65-7240 14.30 mm Ordering Example: (2) 1530 x 24.00" w/ #7248 in T @ 1.50" and 22.50" from Left End Metric 25 Series 40 Series 30 Series 45 Series Fractional 10 Series 15 Series

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