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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 855 Machining Services MACHINING SERVICES Prole Miter Cut (Continued) Note: Structural shape maximum angle is dependent on prole size AutoQuoterX ll always indicates material removed from the prole. (See dimension reference A and D) Prole Miter Cut Worksheet All T-slotted proles may have miter cuts from 0 to 75, EXCEPT for 3060 which can only be cut along the long side at 0 to 45 and 40-8016 which can only be cut along the long side at 0 to 45. Example shown below: T-Slotted Prole Dimensions Sheet Be sure to complete all required elds below for a prole miter cut. A = -30 D = -45 B = 43.18" or 450 mm E = 45 C = 3.00" or 80 mm F = 60 B A Example: The following fields are required to complete a custom profile miter cut. F C D E Positive Angle Negative Angle Counterbore Detail + Metric 25 Series 20 Series 40 Series 45 Series 30 Series Fractional 10 Series 15 Series

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