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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 850 Machining Services MACHINING SERVICES Access Hole Part No. Series Service Type Hole Diameter 7051 Access Hole for 10 Series Proles .219 7050 Access Hole for 15 Series Proles .295 20-7069 Access Hole for 20 Series Proles 4.60 mm 25-7051 Access Hole for 25 Series Proles 5.50 mm 30-7246 Access Hole for 30 Series Proles 8.30 mm 40-7050 Access Hole for 40 Series Proles 7.50 mm 45-7248 Access Hole for 45 Series Proles 10.05 mm Part Description: The access hole machining service provides clearance to the hex head of an end fastener screw, enabling the screw to be tightened. There are options available for an open (or custom) hole at any distance from the left end of the prole or drilled to predetermined locations for mounting specic proles. Additional Information: When ordering open access holes, specify T-slot location from left end of prole and designate which T-slot to apply the service. R S U V U V U V V V Y Y Y Z Z Z V Y Z U V R U V R S R S R S R S R T W X W X T Access Hole Designations Open Style Access Hole Ordering Example: (2) 1530 x 35.75 w/ #7050 in slot T at .750 and in slot U at .750 from Left End CONTINUE Metric 25 Series 20 Series 40 Series 30 Series 45 Series Fractional 10 Series 15 Series

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