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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 831 Structural Shapes STRUCTURAL SHAPES Roll-In Panel Mount Bracket Prole Part Description: The roll-in panel mount bracket prole comes in a stock length of 145 (3683mm) and can be cut to your desired length. There are options available in a mill or anodize nish. It is commonly used to create custom panel mounts and is designed to be used even when proles are captivated. See page 847 for the cut-to-length machining service. B C A D E Part No. (Stock Length) Clear Natural Black Series A B C D E Weight 8592 8591 (145) 8591-Black .573 .130 1.000 .217 .335 .022 lb / in. 8594 8593 (145) 8593-Black .782 .130 1.500 .306 .500 .050 lb / in. Material Specications Part No. Material Grade Finish Process 8592 Aluminum 6105-T5 Anodize Extruded 8591 Mill 8591-Black Anodize 8594 Anodize 8593 Mill 8593-Black Anodize Metric Fractional

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