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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 799 Finishing Your Frame FINISH YOUR FRAME Part No. Series A B C D E F Weight 12026 20.20 mm 2.00 mm 4.30 mm 32.60 mm 16.00 mm 8.00 mm .0100 kg 12027 20.20 mm 2.00 mm 4.30 mm 32.60 mm 16.00 mm 10.00 mm .0077 kg Cable & Tube Clip Part Description: The cable and tube clip is used to organize cables, wires, and tubes without the need for cable ties. It is a reusable option that has a snap cover which adds an extra layer of protection and can be opened and closed repeatedly. The cable clip mounts to a T-slot prole; see the suggested hardware below. B C A D F E Suggested Hardware (Mount to T-Slot) Part No. Series Qty. Bolt T-Nut 11-4512* 1 M4 x 12 mm SHCS 13113* 1 Drop-In 75-3560 1 M4 x 12 mm SHCS Drop-In 75-3563 1 M4 x 12 mm SHCS Drop-In Material Specications Material Grade Finish Process Color Nylon PA6 GF30 Matte Molded Black *30 series suggested hardware includes both part number 11-4512 and 13113. Prole Bolt Cable & Tube Clip T-Nut Metric 30 Series 40 Series 45 Series Fractional 15 Series

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