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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 786 Finishing Your Frame FINISH YOUR FRAME Metric 30 Series 45 Series Part Description: The screw-on end cap includes a at head socket cap screw that spreads the pin to secure the end cap and does not require a prole end tap. It adds a nishing touch to your project and closes off prole ends to limit dust and debris buildup. Black Cap Series A B C D Weight 12279 30.00 mm M4 FHSCS 60.00 mm 4.00 mm .0073 kg 12283 45.00 mm M4 FHSCS 45.00 mm 4.00 mm .0088 kg 12286 45.00 mm M4 FHSCS 90.00 mm 4.00 mm .0174 kg 12287 90.00 mm M4 FHSCS 90.00 mm 4.00 mm .0345 kg Material Specications Material Grade Finish Process Nylon PA6 GF30 Matte Molded Screw-On End Cap A B (SCREW SIZE) C D End Cap Bolt Prole

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