80 20 Inc Catalog 21 Page 606 Floor to Frame

80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 606 Floor to Frame FLOOR TO FRAME Part Description: The standard oor glide is made of black nylon and has a 100 pound (45.36 kilogram) load capacity. The non-corrosive threaded stem can mount directly to the T-slot prole end or to the side or end using a base plate. It is a medium-duty foot that works well on carpet or tiled areas, making it ideal for home and ofce furniture, desks, stands and tables. Standard Floor Glide Part No. Series Material Finish Color A B C D E F Load Capacity Weight 2203 Steel / Nylon Zinc Black .875 1.070 .430 1.350 .240 1/4-20 100.00 lb .033 lb 2204 .470 .593 .860 1.968 .575 3/8-16 100.00 lb .088 lb Required Machining Services Machining Type Machined Reference Page Tap Prole End Mounting Prole 848 2203 2204 Standard Floor Glide Prole A B C D F THREAD E A F THREAD D E B C Fractional Machining

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