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For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net / 593 Floor to Frame FLOOR TO FRAME Building the Base Once you ve got your design narrowed down it s time to start thinking about your base. There are several varieties available, from casters to furniture glides, leveling feet, or anchors. Some add movement and provide a swivel or a pivot, while others lock or reduce vibration. There are also feet that do just what their name implies; level or anchor your project. You can also choose from options that provide combinations of these features. Consider the Capacity After you ve decided on the type of foot that works best for your project, you ll want to begin narrowing down your product choices. One of the main factors will be the required load capacity. Keep in mind that the ratings are per foot; if you re using multiple bases the weight will be distributed and provide a higher overall capacity. You ll want to consider how often your application will need to be in motion or relocated. For example, work carts are constantly moving and turning while furniture only occasionally needs repositioned. In contrast, a guard or larger machine may never need moved or only very infrequently. There may also be a need to immobilize equipment. Determining the frequency of movement will help you decide if you need a caster, a leveling foot, a glide or perhaps a oor lock or anchor. STATIONARY DEGREES OF MOTION A N C H O R E D M O B I L E

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