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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 556 Panels & Doors PANELS & DOORS Part No. Series Max Load A B C D E F G H J K L M Weight 12097 25 Nm / 18.0 ft-Lbs. 13.60 mm 20.15 mm 6.80 mm 4.00 mm 8.70 mm 17.70 mm 20.20 mm 2.70 mm 4.10 mm 2.10 mm 64.00 mm 4.10 mm .0526 kg Material Grade Finish Process Steel Die-Cast Black Powder Coat Die-Casting Material Specications Lite Panel Hinge Part Description: The lite panel hinge is made of steel with a black powder coat. It is a cost-effective option that is commonly used to mount plastic panel doors and lightweight T-slot proles. The slotted holes allow for greater adjustability when positioning the hinge. It includes the bolt assembly to mount to a .250 (6mm) panel. The suggested hardware to mount to a T-slot prole can be found below. Suggested Hardware (Mount to T-Slot) Included Hardware (Mount to Panel "d.250 / 6 mm ) Part No. Series Qty. Bolt T-Nut 3487 2 10-32 x 1/2 BHSCS Slide-in 75-3583 2 M5 x 12 mm BHSCS Drop-in Series Qty. Bolt Hex Nut Washer 1 M5 Screw Yes R. M K R. H R. D J L C B A E F G Panel Lite Panel Hinge Prole Hex Nut Washer Bolt 40 Series 15 Series Metric Fractional

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