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For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net / 55 T-Slotted Aluminum Proles PROFILES Aluminum Steel VS Advantages of T-slot Aluminum Proles Moving on from the T-slot concept, let s consider the benets of aluminum. There are several advantages to T-slot aluminum proles. Some of the biggest are: All 80/20 proles come standard with a clear anodize which helps prevent oxidation and corrosion while providing a matte nish. The Battle of Aluminum vs Steel Think about the fact that, volume for volume aluminum is one third the weight of iron, steel, copper or brass. Yet it has yield strength of 35,000 psi, which means it is comparable to A36 steel carbon (frequently used in applications such as equipment and machinery supports as well as building frames). Furthermore, aluminum is resilient and can ex under loads or reshape itself after the shock of impact. 80/20 T-slot Aluminum Modularity is just a part of the many benets aluminum offers to those looking for an alternative to steel and iron. Other benets: Welded Steel Frame For the skilled welder, steel can be a viable option but for many it s not an option for many reasons: Strong Lightweight High strength-to-weight ratio Resilient Modularity Easily machined Weighs less than steel Corrosion-resistant No welding required Costs less than steel Strength similar to steel Machining not required More time and labor Welding required Machining required More expensive Needs painting One xed design 33 lb $236.19 20 lb $189.05

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