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For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net / 54 T-Slotted Aluminum Proles PROFILES The T-slot Concept: Built-in Modularity T-slot aluminum proles offer several benets. The shape of the prole creates modularity, meaning it is easily assembled and reassembled to conform to evolving needs. The T-slot also provides the ability to add connections and join proles to captivated ends. This allows you to change your design without having to start from scratch and also enables easy expansion and retraction of your build for modications down the road. The T-slot prole concept is designed to allow movement while staying secure within the T-slot. The T-slot Prole 2 Drop-Lock Another important attribute of T-slot aluminum proles is the strong connection made between proles. 80/20 s T-slot aluminum proles include a 2 degree drop-lock feature for most proles, which enables connections to remain vibration resistant and strong. 80/20 offers a wide variety of joining options to t your specic needs (for an overview on fastening products ip to page 204). 2 Drop Torque Engages Drop-Lock up Torque Engages Drop-Lock 2 Drop-Lock Engaged 2 Drop-Lock NOT Engaged 2 Drop Vibration Resistant Vibration Resistant Introduction to Aluminum Framing You have a project or design in mind and now you need to turn that idea into an actual build. Your rst step is to choose your prole; T-slotted aluminum proles, Ready Tube, or Quick Frame. If you would like to head directly to information on Ready Tube, ip to page 62, or to page 64 to read about Quick Frame. Let s begin with the T-slot prole. Connections can be made anywhere along the axis of the prole creating an innite number of mounting points and eliminating incremental positioning.

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