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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 538 Panels & Doors PANELS & DOORS 3 Hole - Plastic Double Lift-Off Hinge Part Description: The 3 hole - plastic double lift-off hinge comes in both right and left hand options and is made of berglass- reinforced black nylon with a stainless steel pin. It is commonly used with a combination of plastic panels and T-slot proles to create adjacent access points. Material Grade Color Process Nylon PA Glass Fiber Reinforced PA6GF30 Black Injection Molding Material Specications Suggested Hardware (Mount to T-Slot) Part No. Series Qty. Bolt T-Nut 75-3628 3 M6 x 18 mm FHSCS Drop-in Part No. Series Max Load A B C D E F G H J K L Weight 12071 20 ft-Lbs. 1.575 1.260 .630 1.181 .787 1.969 .252 .295 .295 .236 .323 .086 lb A TYP G R. J C TYP B H K L E F D TYP Prole 3-Hole - Plastic Double Lift-Off Hinge T-Nut Bolt *The gap distance between proles is .075 (1.90mm) 15 Series Fractional

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