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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 483 Panels & Doors PANELS & DOORS Prole Bolt Washer Screw Bracket Table Top Part Description: The tabletop fastening kit is typically used to help secure a tabletop to a frame. The kit includes all required hardware to mount the top to the frame; see chart below for additional details. Part No. Series Bracket Bolt Nut Washer Screw Weight 2810 Slotted Inside Corner Bracket 5/16-18 x 11/16 FBHSCS 5/16-18 Drop-In T-Nut 5/16 Bright Zinc Washer #14 x 1.25 Phillips Pan Head Sheet Metal Screw .139 lb 2810-Black 65-2810 M8 x 16 mm BHSCS M8 Drop-In T-Nut M8 Bright Zinc Washer .144 lb 2811 5/16-18 x 2.0 BHSCS 5/16-18 Flanged Hex Nut 5/16 Bright Zinc Washer .152 lb 2811-Black Tabletop Fastening Kit Ready Tube 2810 2811 40 Series 15 Series Metric Fractional

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