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Panels & Doors


Variety of Hinge Options

80/20 offers a wide assortment of hinges in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes that can be mounted to a panel or prole to t your requirements. From light to heavy-duty projects, there are a range of options available; choose from different materials such as plastic, zinc, or aluminum. Plastic hinges are typically used for lightweight doors and to connect plastic panels while aluminum hinges are a heavier-duty option. Lift-off hinges are popular as they can create a door that lifts off by using all right or all left lift-off hinges, or conne a door or access point by using a combination of left and right hinges.

Finishing Touches, Handles & More

80/20 has a wide range of handles, locks and catches for your door or access point. Start off by deciding how frequently the door will be in use and whether you will want it to be locked. If people will be using it often, consider ergonomic handles or offset handles that hinder nger-pinching injuries. There are also ush handles to prevent snags or heavy-duty latches for larger doors or magnetic catches to help ensure a connection. Unlocked Locked


To increase its load-bearing capacity and prevent it from rotating, choose hinges with slot tabs or slot pins. If needed, the tabs and pins can be removed when, for example, a panel is being mounted.

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