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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 427 Fastening Methods FASTENERS Quick Frame 3 Way - Tee Connector Part Description: The 3 way - tee connector is made of nylon and is used with a Quick Frame prole which has built-in ridges that bite into the fastener to create tension without the use of hardware. It provides ush connections of up to three Quick Frame proles using only a soft-faced mallet to form light-duty yet sturdy builds. This fastener can connect two proles end to end with an additional 90 degree connection and is also commonly used when transitioning between standard and anged proles. The 3 way - tee connector requires no additional hardware and no machining services. Connecting anged Quick Frame proles at a 90 degree angle requires a 45 degree miter cut (see machining service on page 869) to connect without interference. Part No. Series Material Process Color A B C D E F G Weight 9130 Nylon Injection Molded Gray 1.000 1.050 .870 1.125 1.000 3.250 2.150 .082 lb 9230 Black 1.000 1.050 .870 1.125 1.000 3.250 2.150 .082 lb A B G C TYP D TYP E F 3 Way - Tee Connector Prole Prole Prole

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