80 20 Inc Catalog 21 Page 424 Fastening Methods

80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 424 Fastening Methods FASTENERS Quick Frame 2 Way - Corner Connector Part Description: The 2 way - corner connector is made of nylon and is used with a Quick Frame prole which has built-in ridges that bite into the fastener to create tension without the use of additional hardware. It provides a 90 degree ush connection quickly and easily using only a soft-faced mallet to form light-duty yet sturdy builds. The 2 way - corner connector is commonly used when transitioning between standard and anged proles. It requires no additional hardware and no machining services. Connecting anged Quick Frame proles at a 90 degree angle requires a 45 degree miter cut (see machining service on page 869) to connect without interference. Part No. Series Material Process Color A B C D E F G Weight 9120 Nylon Injection Molded Gray 1.000 1.000 .870 1.125 1.000 2.125 2.125 .065 lb 9220 Black 1.000 1.000 .870 1.125 1.000 2.125 2.125 .061 lb A B C TYP G D E F 2 Way - Corner Connector Prole Prole

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