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42 WHAT IS 80/20? 80/20 Services For the most up to date information on 80/20 Services visit 8020.net Our in-house metal nishing capability is one of the several ways 80/20 is committed to being your one-stop- shop for T-slot projects. This service encompasses a range of options to provide you with fast turn times and consistent, high-quality, products. Our standard nishing process here at 80/20 begins with the raw aluminum product; we machine the part, vibratory nishing and/or sand it (depending on the item), and then move it into the anodize nishing process. It's worth noting that 80/20 is one of the only T-slot providers in the industry with in-house anodizing capabilities. PROVIDING HIGH QUALITY Finishing Options Mill Anodize Blasted Chromate Zinc Plating Powder Coat Electroplating We have invested in the resources to provide a high-quality product in a timely manner. Our metal nishing shop consists of dedicated personnel, equipment and space. And we know that there are times you need an alternative nish for your product. Talk to a technician today; we also offer a range of special nishes from powder coating to electroplating and beyond. METAL

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