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34 WHAT IS 80/20? Peace of Mind For the most up to date information on 80/20 Design Tools visit 8020.net Free Design Tools 80/20 offers several free tools, libraries, and drawing les to make it easy for you to design and enhance your 80/20 project. This variety of resources also make it simple for you to integrate 80/20 products into existing designs. Be sure to check out our YouTube site for helpful hints as well as tips and tricks videos. Tech Toolkit offers bundled design tools to provide guidance and speed up design time. These tools will help specify the proles that work best for your application. Use the built-in conversion calculator to cross-reference calculations. There is also a deection calculator for beam deection as well as a miter cut worksheet to assist in creating drawings, analyzing real-life limits, and more. 80/20s PartSource is a CAD library powered by PARTSolutions and is accessible directly from our website. It includes design les for parts and proles. Products are available in both 2D and 3D le types, supporting a variety of CAD packages. Users of Inventor also have the added benet of a direct link to PartSolutions. AutoQuoterX II is used in conjunction with versions of AutoCAD software for optimum design capabilities. It is free and can be downloaded from our website. This plugin features an easy-to-use interface to streamline the design process and generate a detailed bill of materials. We are continually updating and enhancing AutoQuoterX II tools and resources.

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