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29 Peace of Mind WHAT IS 80/20? For the most up to date information on 80/20 visit 8020.net What You Can Expect With 80/20's Peace of Mind We want you to know exactly what you can expect when partnering with 80/20. Our philosophy is to provide you with peace of mind; every day we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Browse through the following pages for more details about these topics. ONE-STOP-SHOP - Avoid the hassles and inefciencies of multiple vendors. With 80/20 you have it all in one place. See page 30 for more details. DESIGN ASSISTANCE - When you need help taking your project beyond a sketch 80/20 provides design assistance. Send us your drawing and dimensions and well get you started. For more details see page 33. FREE AUTOMATED QUOTATION SOFTWARE - You have a range of software options to choose from such as AutoQuoter XII, 3D Content Central, Tech Toolkit, and Part Solutions to make design easy. Visit page 34. FREE DRAWING FILES - Integrate 80/20 product into your existing design. Choose from 3D, 2D, and more for most design programs. Download drawing les at www.8020.net. 80/20 BUILDS - Let 80/20's team of seasoned builders construct your project for you. Get all the details on page 36. CUSTOM MACHINING - When you need a unique part take advantage of our Custom Machining service. We can machine any part or piece from the 80/20 catalog or beyond to help t your need. Additional details on page 38. CUSTOM PACKAGING - When you need something beyond 80/20s standard packing for your order, we offer a custom packaging service to accommodate your more detailed and specic requirements. See page 44. NO MINIMUM ORDERS - If you need it, well ship it. We appreciate all of your business, even the small orders. LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS - You will receive extensive eld support through the 80/20 distributor network. On-site project evaluations, technical support, and demonstrations are just a phone call away. For more details see page 32. LARGEST PRODUCT OFFERING IN THE BUSINESS! YOU ARE THE BOSS - WE SERVE YOU! Peace of mind means you have a partner in creating your project.from concept to design to implementation. 80/20 will build your project to your specications. Completion Build to your specic needs with 80/20 T-slot modularity. Design It starts with an idea. Sketch it and create it with 80/20. Concept

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