80 20 Inc Catalog 21 Page 210 Fastening Methods

For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net / 210 Fastening Methods FASTENERS Variety of Fastening Options 80/20 has a variety of Quick Frame fastening options that enable connections between multiple profiles (up to eight using just one connector) as well as options to join profiles at varying angles. 80/20 also offers base connectors for projects that will be attached or mounted to any flat surface or T-slot profile. Use a soft faced mallet to install Quick Frame connectors (see page 900). Fasteners 101 80/20 Quick Frame connectors are made of black or gray nylon and used with a Quick Frame Prole which has built-in ridges that bite into the fastener to create tension without the use of additional hardware. The proles connect quickly and easily using only a soft-faced mallet to form light-duty yet sturdy builds. No Machining, No Additional Hardware 80/20 Quick Frame connectors require no machining or additional hardware for assembly. This fast and efcient method is perfect for lightweight and cost- effective applications that still require a sturdy and secure connection. Quick Frame connectors also do not degrade and can even be submerged in water without deteriorating. 1 2 3 4 Quick Frame Connects in 4 Steps Quick Frame Prole End Machining

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