80 20 Inc Catalog 21 Page 202 Fastening Methods

For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net / 202 Fastening Methods FASTENERS Bearing Pad Screw Pictorial Table Of Contents CONTINUE Drop-in T-Slot Stud Assembly Drop-in T-Slot Stud Drop-in T-Slot Stud with Flanged Hex Nut Slide-in Economy T-Slot Stud Slide-in Flanged Economy T-Slot Stud Threaded Insert Shoulder Bolt Flanged Hex Head Nut Shoulder Bolt with Washer Washer Hex Nut Self Tapping Screw Self Drilling Screw Button Head Socket Cap Screw Flanged Button Head Socket Cap Screw Flat Head Socket Cap Screw Socket Head Cap Screw Flanged Hex Head Bolt Connecting Screw Low Head Socket Cap Screw Standard Tube Insert Kit with Hex Nut Standard Tube Insert Kit with Roll Pin Roll Pin Anti-Rotation Plate Standard Tube Insert Extended Tube Insert Page 387 Page 388 Page 389 Page 393 Page 394 Page 385 Page 394 Page 395 Page 396 Page 397 Page 398 Page 394 Page 400 Page 401 Page 402 Page 403 Page 404 Page 399 Ready Tube Connectors Page 418 Page 419 Page 420 Page 421 Page 422 Page 417

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