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80/20 Inc. For the most up to date information on 80/20 products visit 8020.net 161 T-Slotted Aluminum Proles PROFILES Metric 40 Series 40-4030-Lite Prole 40-4030-Lite is a 40mm x 40mm metric 40 series quarter round T-slot prole with a 30mm radius curved back and two open T-slots, one on each of the 40mm prole faces. The prole is smooth, which makes it resistant to dirt and debris buildup while also being easy to clean. The 40-4030-Lite prole is compatible with 40 series fasteners. This prole lends itself to workstations and displays because panels or other support structures can be easily placed in the T-slots allowing a continuous surface and aesthetic appearance. 40.00 TYP 20.00 TYP R 30.00 6.81 THRU 8.13 TYP 20.57 TYP 4.06 TYP 12.32 TYP 8.00 TYP 15.36 TYP 3.30 TYP 40mm X 40mm Quarter Round Lite T-Slotted Prole - Two Open T-Slots Service No. Series Service Description Reference Page 40-7010 Cut to Length 846 40-7050 Access Hole 850 40-7044 Anchor Counterbore 852 40-7059 Prole End Tap 849 Standard Machining Services * The above proles are sold per millimeter or stock length. Part No. Series Stock Length Material Grade Finish Drop Lock Moment of Inertia Surface Area Yield Strength Modulus of Elasticity Weight 40-4030-Lite * 4 or 6 Meter Aluminum 6105-T5 Clear Anodize #204-R1 2 IX = 5.760 cm 4 IY = 8.836 cm 4 5.729 cm 2 241.1 N / mm 2 70,326.5 N / mm 2 1.5497 kg / m 40-4030-Lite-Black-FB per millimeter Black Anodize

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